Mine Technology Services Ltd (MTS) is the Africa distributor for Nautilus International’s radio remote, tele-remote and automation systems. Whether providing line-of-sight, multiple machine automation systems, control room operational centres or proximity detection, MTS can offer a quality and cost-effective solution.

Nautilus provides small, simple and durable hardware with detailed documentation enabling mine-based personnel to service and repair the equipment. This radio control and automation equipment is fitted to the smallest and largest underground loaders available.

Nautilus’s 35 years of remote control engineering and MTS’s remote control experience and knowledge of Africa’s conditions are an excellent platform to provide quality remote control mining solutions. Please view the information sheets and contact MTS for additional assistance.
Nautilus remote control system, including tele-remote control and automation, are designed to suit all machine types, including Caterpillar, Sandvik, and Atlas Copco mining machines. This allows for one system to fit all machine types. The simple but technically supreme hardware is easy to install and service. The use of Smart Technology reduces the need for multiple items of machine-mounted hardware.
The Nautilus product is utilised globally and is supported by MTS throughout Africa and the Middle-east.

  • Radio-control equipment for all mining Line-of-Sight machines in surface and underground mining applications
  • Tele-remote equipment for temporary remote applications
  • Long term tele-remote solutions placing the operator up to 30 kms away from the machine
  • Advanced Guidance Systems (AGS) using a complete mapping system programmable by the operator to automatically control the machine’s tramming functions through the mine
  • Proximity detection safety solutions protecting personnel from mining equipment
  • Remote control equipment for CANbus-controlled machines
  • Advanced Guidance Systems for underground trucks
  • Multiple-machine operation by one operator

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