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Mine Technology Services (MTS) is a UK-based company providing the African mining industry with product, skills, service, auditing and training packages tailored for mining mobile equipment.

With operations based in Botswana (Sepia Solutions), we are Africa’s only dedicated provider of mining machine remote-control systems, proximity detection systems, and machine data and management systems.

MTS’s solutions incorporate leading technology with an outstanding level of industry knowledge, customer support and service.

We have distribution agreements with leading manufacturers, namely;

AutoKontrol Ltd

AutoKontrol are one of the world’s leading specialists in vehicle speed control technology, who manufacture and distribute a wide variety of products from vehicle speed limiting, engine RPM governing, reversing limiters to geo-fence technology. Proven in the most arduous operating conditions around the world, their Romatic Systems also enable operators to improve vehicle safety, reduce fuel and operating costs, and lower C02 emissions.

Brigade Electronics

Brigade Electronics is a market leader in vehicle safety systems; their comprehensive range of products reduces the risk of collision and maximises efficiency, and includes camera monitor systems, reversing alarms, ultrasonic proximity sensors, digital recorders and a thermal image camera. Brigade Electronics’ solutions are used worldwide, and suit all commercial vehicle and industry types.

Vision X

Vision X Lighting provides innovative, tough, heavy duty LED lighting for use in extreme conditions and other mining, industrial, commercial and recreational applications. Working with customers such as NASA, Vision X ensures their products are constantly evolving, tailoring lighting solutions to the exact requirements of specific location.

MTS is committed to using equipment that is fit-for-purpose and complies with recognised standards, and to providing best-practice solutions derived from many years of experience in the field.

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